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My mission is to share the wonders of the written word as a writer and an educator.


As a vagabond, I have developed a repertoire of speculative and literary fiction. Growing up on Benny Hill, Alfred Hitchcock, and Star Wars has led to a unique style of writing. It is a little dark, a little edgy, and often catches people off guard. Although I have a sister, our age difference made me more of an only child, so I learned to tell stories for entertainment. At times this created some terrible nightmares. As an adult, I rate these nightmares, and at times ask my subconscious to up its game.


Settling never felt normal during my earlier life, but after sixteen years, Kenton, Ohio, became home. My wife, son, and I live with two cats (the real owners). When not taking care of the cats, I work as an English Instructor for the University of Northwestern Ohio. In 2020, I received third place for a short-short story in Raconteur Literary Magazine's "10 Words of Woe."